There are law firms.
And then there is GCW.

We are the most passionate and dedicated law firm. We outthink, out-strategize and outwork the opposition on your behalf.

Time, family, health and well-being: we know it's your life that's on the line. From personal injury to civil rights cases, we are determined to combat dishonesty and injustice. And our team brings the fight - with integrity, passion and dedication that never quits.

We have achieved Wisconsin's most successful results on our client's behalf.

Together we right the wrong. And we're ready for battle.

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Types of Cases

Our attorneys help people recover from economic, physical, mental and emotional harm from incidents which have caused personal injury.

Health care professionals owe a duty to their patients that is based on a recognized standard of care. Let our Wisconsin attorneys help with your medical malpractice case.

We rely on the government to work for our best interest every day, but sometimes the people representing the government prove unworthy of their authority. If you have been mistreated by the police or other government officials, our firm is ready for the fight.

You have a legal right to work in a safe environment. If you've experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, we can fight for your rights.