Class Action Lawyers Madison WI

Class Action Lawyers in Madison

Sometimes very large or grouped cases are the result of a complaint by a single person.

If you think you have been wronged by an illegal employment practice, fraud or deceptive business practice, or suffered an injury from a defective product then we would like to talk to you to determine if your individual situation is part of a larger problem that has affected many other people.

We have had tremendous success with class action lawsuits representing individuals against large corporations for both employee and consumer rights violations.

What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

The purpose of a class action lawsuit is to give the common person the ability to take on the largest corporations and private companies. In a class action, many individual claims are pursued in the same lawsuit, rather than having numerous individual cases.

Bringing a class action, rather than several individual claims, puts less of a strain on our court system. At the same time, it is often more effective to have a group of people take on a corporation collectively, rather than face the fight alone.

Current Class Action Lawsuits

Class Action Case Results

  • $143 million to a nationwide class of consumers in anti-trust litigation - GCW was Wisconsin Counsel
  • $50 million to classes of workers in five separate class and collective actions
  • See more case results

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