Insurance Claim Attorneys Madison WI

Insurance Claim Attorneys in Madison

GCW represents people who do not receive the insurance coverage to which they are entitled in their policy after they have suffered an injury or damage to their home or property.

When people purchase insurance and pay premiums, they rightfully expect that their insurance company will be there when they need them. Unfortunately, there are times when people are treated unfairly, because insurance companies put profits ahead of what is provided for in the person’s policy.

At GCW we take on our clients’ burdens and we work to alleviate the pressure brought on by insurance company bad faith and misconduct.

Examples of Insurance Claim Cases GCW has Successfully Resolved:

  • $775,000 for wrongful denial of disability benefits
  • $750,000 Insurance Company Misconduct Settlement
  • $500,000 for denial of property damage claim when a garbage truck drove into a house
  • $300,000 for wrongful denial of property damage claim after a tornado
  • Successfully argued before the Wisconsin Supreme Court in a case involving the scope of home owner's insurance coverage
  • Successfully argued before the Wisconsin Court of Appeals that a hospital must accept payments from an injured person's health maintenance organization rather than from the patient personally
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