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Madison Mediation Attorneys

Mediation is a settlement negotiation between two or more parties supervised by a neutral individual. This process is less formal than a trial. Many cases that go through mediation get resolved in a way that satisfies everyone involved, avoiding a trial. In Wisconsin, some judges require a mediation as one of the steps before the trial.

The attorneys at Gingras, Cates and Wachs have experience as both mediators and presenting a client's case in a mediation. Some of the cases we often handle include personal injury, insurance coverage, business litigation, landlord/tenant disputes, and many others. If you have a legal matter that you want mediated, contact our Madison office.

Madison Arbitration Attorneys

Arbitration is another legal process to resolve disputes without going to trial. They can either involve a single arbitrator or a panel of three. There are two broad categories of arbitration:

  • In binding arbitration, attorneys for both sides present their case to a neutral third party with expertise in that particular area of law. The arbitrator then makes a decision about the matter that both sides are legally bound to accept.
  • Nonbinding arbitration is similar to binding arbitration except that the two parties can choose if they want to accept or reject the arbitrator's decision. Although the decision is often accepted, this form of arbitration can be useful to understand how a court of law will evaluate each side's case.

As with mediation, GCW's lawyers have experience presenting cases at arbitration and acting as arbitrators. To learn more about our services, contact our Madison office.

Talk with our mediation or arbitration attorneys at GCW in Madison, WI, about acting as a mediator or arbitrating a case for you.

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