Syngenta Corn Lawsuit

Multi-District Litigation against Syngenta on behalf of Wisconsin Corn Growers

Wisconsin corn growers were dealt a serious financial loss due to China rejecting corn shipments from the U.S. that contained genetically-modified seed.

The seed came from Syngenta AG who led corn growers to believe that China was going to approve their use. Instead, any corn that was sold and exported to China in 2013-2014 and contained the genetically-modified seed trait MIR162 was rejected.

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As of February 13, 2015, the law firms of Axley Brynelson; Gingras, Cates & Wachs; and Roethe Pope Roehe have come together to assist Wisconsin corn growers. On behalf of more than 100 Wisconsin farmers, the law firms filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court located in Madison, Wisconsin. The lawsuits have now all been combined in the District Court of Kansas and are proceeding in multi-district litigation.

The lawsuit claims that Syngenta AG failed to disclose that the genetically-modified seed had actually not been approved and affirmatively misrepresented to U.S. farmers the status of approval of the seed by China. In addition, this lawsuit seeks compensation for farmers who have suffered financial harms and losses due to the misrepresentation, and clarify future guidelines for the sale of genetically-modified seeds that have not been approved by major market buyers.

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