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A dog bite or attack can not only be terrifying, but can also lead to ongoing serious injuries and may even require reconstructive surgery. Children are among those who are most susceptible to dog bites. For adults, a majority of dog bites occur while on the job. Whatever the age, dog bites are traumatic.

Each year more than 4.5 million people are bitten by a dog in the U.S. One out of every five require medical care for injuries they have suffered as a result of the dog bite. Though we all love our beloved pets, things can happen and people can get seriously hurt.

After being attacked, seeking medical attention should be your primary focus. Let the lawyers at GCW help you with the rest – from contacting the owner, to alerting animal control, GCW Lawyers are skilled at helping you navigate legal recourse after a traumatic dog bite injury or animal related attack

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The lawyers at GCW will work on your behalf to get you a fair recovery for your dog bite injury. Meet with one of our attorneys for a free consultation. We will explain to you the process and answer any questions you may have about your circumstance. To begin the process and talk to an attorney in our Madison office, call 608-833-2632.

Contact GCW Lawyers to determine whether you have a claim against an owner if you or your loved suffered from a dog bite or other animal related injury.

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