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When a family or loved one resides in a nursing home, assisted living or other long-term care facility, your expectation is that they will be properly cared for, and treated with respect and dignity. Sadly, in cases of nursing home neglect, sometimes the same organizations we depend on to care for our loved ones are actually harming them. When a person is injured as a result of the negligence or inadequate care of an assisted living, or nursing home facility, they may be entitled to compensation.

Nursing Home Abuse Should Not Be Tolerated

Nursing home neglect and abuse are among the most disheartening of cases. Unfortunately, it can often go undetected as many elderly individuals do not report the neglect or abuse to authorities out of fear of retaliation or simply because they have difficulty comprehending that they are being neglected.

Detecting neglect and abuse can be difficult as signs can often be subtle. Warning signs can include:

  • injuries
  • poor hygiene
  • persistent infections
  • malnourishment
  • dehydration
  • soiled bedding
  • withdrawal
  • constant fear

If you detect signs that your loved one is being abused or neglected, or if your loved one has told you they are being abused or neglected, take immediate action. Contact the authorities to document the neglect or abuse, then work with GCW lawyers to help ensure that your loved one receives compensation for the pain they have endured.

Nursing home residents have the right to adequate care that, at a minimum, meets their basic physical and psychological needs. If you or someone you love has suffered any abuse or neglect in a nursing home or long-term care facility, then contact Gingras, Cates & Wachs at our Madison office at 608-833-2632 or toll-free at 888-357-7661.

If you or a loved one have been victimized by a nursing home, contact the lawyers of Gingras, Cates & Wachs today.

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