Madison Office
8150 Excelsior Drive
Madison, WI 53717
Phone: 608-833-2632
Toll Free: 888-357-7661

Milwaukee Office
3228 Turnberry Oak Drive
Suite 210
Waukesha, WI 53188
Phone: 414-778-0700
Toll Free: 888-357-7661

Eau Claire Office
101 Putnam Street
PO Box 390
Eau Claire, WI 54703
Phone: 715-839-9500
Toll Free: 888-357-7661

The law firms of Gingras, Cates & Luebke and Richie, Wickstrom & Wachs have merged to form Gingras, Cates & Wachs (GCW)

The merger brings together two prominent plaintiff firms with offices now in Eau Claire, Madison and Waukesha, WI.

Richie, Wickstrom & Wachs

"As our firm and the reach of our clients have grown over the years, it makes sense to continue this growth with another firm who has the same philosophies, reputation and successful outcomes as ours," says Attorney Beverly Wickstrom formerly of Richie, Wickstrom & Wachs.

"Our two law firms collectively go back almost 50 years.  Attorney Wickstrom and I worked together in the 1980s, and Attorney Wachs has been a personal friend for more than 30 years," says Attorney John Cates.  "We are very similar in many respects, we feel this move will make us all stronger together, more competitive, and most importantly we will be able to do great things for people in need of strong representation from passionate attorneys," adds Cates.

GCW  has 12 attorneys located in the three Wisconsin offices and employs just under 20 other legal professionals. GCW specializes in personal injury, insurance misconduct, professional malpractice, class action law suits, civil rights and employment law, as well as family law.