Wisconsin Attorneys for Workplace Discrimination

Wisconsin Attorneys for Workplace Discrimination

No matter the type of labor dispute, our lawyers have fought for employee rights for more than 35 years. Your employer may not mistreat you based on your age, sex, disability, race, family medical leave needs, or religion. The law also states that you are entitled to a workplace free from racial, sexual, or religious harassment from your employer and from other coworkers. Equal treatment is not only the right way, it is the legal way businesses must act.

If you have raised concerns to an employer about any of these discriminatory practices occurring, you are protected from retaliation under the law. Unfortunately, cases where businesses or individuals ignore the law are all too common. If you have been the victim of harassment, discrimination, or illegal retaliation for reporting these events, you may be owed compensation.

The law firm of Gingras, Cates, and Wachs has accumulated decades of experience successfully prosecuting and litigating employment law claims. If you have been unfairly treated, we can help.

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